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Going back to Nature!

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We always wonder why we need these ancient thousands of year old techniques when we have modern science that can solve all the problems in Chemistry Labs. Well the life on earth has been thriving for billions of years. There are zillions life survived, thrived and evolved on earth for such a long time without any Chemistry Lab. They relied completely on Nature to grow and evolve. So these ancient old techniques are using nature to make our life and soul better. You would ask, these techniques ancient humans developed are very old and there was no science behind it. But there was a science and let's see how it works.

There are mainly three elements to Body

1. Our Organs makes our body functions. To make sure these organs perform where they are supposed to, ancient herbs detoxify, cleanse and provide antioxidants to keep each and every cell in those organs to function better. And also invented Yoga to keep the body parts in balance.

2. Our glands which produces all the hormones which are essential part of our body function. All the hormones are produces in various glands which were linked to Chakras in ancient old techniques. So they developed to techniques to energize these chakras to make sure our gland produce correct amount of hormones. Those needs be perfectly balance, more or less production can be a problem either way.

3. Last in most important is our Mind. Our mind tells all our body part on what they are supposed to do. Mind tells Organs on what they are supposed to produce or clean and also provide instructions to our glands. That is when they developed meditation techniques which make sure our mind is calm and focused. It is not deviated on stupid chain on thoughts and miss out on provide correct instructions to other body parts.

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