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Yoga is for Everyone!

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Yoga is for everyone. Young or old, overweight, or fit; its a combination of mental and physical exercises, it’s a full mind and body exercise. Some of the yoga poses help in strengthening of the core, some improve the balancing, some improve the flexibility and some get you into relaxing and meditative state.

So pick up the poses based on your needs and goals. If your body is not very flexible, do not overstretch yourself to achieve the pose, use the props like blocks  and blankets for proper alignment, deepening the stretch and stay in the posture for long. Be gentle to your body, over-stretching might end up with injuries. If you prefer eco-friendly products, you can find eco-friendly yoga mat and yoga block.

Warming up your body with yoga poses before cardio is also a good idea. If you are a beginner in yoga, prefer using a thick and non-slip mat for good grip and joints support. Yoga is a good everyday practice to reduce back pain, strengthen bones, reduce stress, improve balance, and relieve depression. Yoga will eventually help to get your body into a relaxing and meditative state.


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